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Convention Etiquette Empty Convention Etiquette

Post  AlanH on Fri Sep 18, 2009 8:29 am

Ok these are just my views and no doubt there are more things to add - so please share.

Firstly the basis of my thinking here is primarily based on UK conventions which are slightly more homely than the US mega conglomerate fests. However manners cost nothing and I believe that the points raised below holds true the world over.

I should also point out that almost every aspect of this code of conduct has been broken by me on at least one occasion – and I hang my head in shame for this.

1) Be nice to guests -

Some say that e-bay was the death of the free con sketch, this isn't true, the death was administered by people selling free sketches utilising e-bay as a conduit to broaden the market place. So what steps can the true fan take to ensure that everybody feels well treated – both the artist and the recipient.

• Say please and thank you!

• If the sketches are free only ask for one – don't keep going to the back of the queue

• Collect the sketches in a book – this is less likely to be sold

• Collect sketches along a theme – this shows a degree of commitment

• Get it personalised - why would you not want it to say "To Alan...", well maybe because your name isn't Alan, so use your own name

• Collect sketches of something 'a bit different' – this means the artist gets to exercise their brain and the fan gets something that isn't produced out of a cookie cutter (see any Dave Gibbon Rorschach [no offence Dave but they all look the same])

• Buy something – the latest sketch book, a trade, a page of art, any purchase shows that you do like the artists work and are willing to invest in them.

• Don't expect the world – the creators are there to enjoy themselves as well.

• If a creator is working away on something for you and asks if you'd go get a cup of coffee for him/her. Then do it without complaint and (if you can) pay for it yourself - is an extra £1 to much to ask for the enjoyment they've given you over the years.

2) Remember what goes around comes around so - be pleasant to you fellow attendees:

• don't jump queues
• don't hold spaces for several friends (i.e. if you're in a line that does not mean your 5 friends can automatically join you at the front)
• if you want a sketch but the guy/girl behind you only wants the one book signed let them in front, it'll cost you 10 seconds but save them 5 minutes
• if you're in a queue share your sketch books with those around you you'll be amazed what other people have got to show you
• If you've got the complete 100 issue run of "Super Shiny Comic" and the creator has agreed to sign them all… check every 10 or so issues that no one else wants to slip one thing in to get signed
• If you're told the person in front of you is the last in the line take it on the chin and ask politely if there are other opportunities later in the con.


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Convention Etiquette Empty Re: Convention Etiquette

Post  Bov on Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:57 pm

may i add that if your asking for something a bit different or are collecting sketches of a perticular character.

take a referance sheet. as the artist may not know what you mean


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Convention Etiquette Empty Re: Convention Etiquette

Post  AlanH on Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:35 pm

how did I forget reference....

I use some spare trading cards but also make a single A4 sheet (using Powerpoint) with about 12 differing images on it to get a range of styles in there.


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Convention Etiquette Empty wow thanks

Post  victoertom on Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:57 am

Sound great.
I'll try.


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Convention Etiquette Empty Re: Convention Etiquette

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