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International artists - sketching times Empty International artists - sketching times

Post  victoertom on Thu Aug 16, 2012 2:36 am

Hi, first of all: congratulations to your lineup! I did not plan to come (as it is quite some trip from Germany - but your artists convinced me to get a ticket. Just WOW.
Now to my question: is there any chance that not all big name international artists (inlcuding guys like Bryan Hitch (!!) sign at the same time? For those of us who often visit the BICS it would be a shame if e.g. Hitch, Scott, Asrar and Vess would sign at the same time for 60-90 minutes. In that case one would have to decide and could only get one sketch, perhaps you could mix some of the artists who are more often at British conventions with those who are 1st timers? Just an idea.


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