BICS 09 - Your stories/Pictures

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BICS 09 - Your stories/Pictures

Post  Simon on Sun Oct 04, 2009 4:11 pm

What are your BICS 09 stories? Pictures? Here's mine:

Got up bright and early for another convention. Went with friend Jan and Dad, AKA: The queuer.

Got there and got Dad in the queue for Pasqual Ferry, one fo the main guys I wanted to see. Whilst he was doing this, I went over to see Will Sliney, THE main guy I wanted to see - wonderful guy. Irish, same comic interests as me and same kinda things that got him into comis. Great to chat to, and also very very talented. Did me lovely Black Cat sketch for free Smile. He was the best person to speak to all day.

Met up with Joe, a friend from online. We all came in black with superhero logos - Black Lantern zombies. Me Spidey, Joe Superman and Jan Batman.
It was the best goody bag ever with loads of free stuff, including a free DC trade paperback worth a tenner and a Batman HC worth 17 quid.

Watched the comic artists flip out - was nice to watch them draw big scale. Jan won a Sleeping Beauty by Mark Buckingham Smile

Came back just in time to jump in the seat for Thing sketch by Ferry, which Dad jokily monaed at beign in the queue 2 hours and yet I still asked for the sketch. Ferry put Dad's name on the sketch due to this, (which was in Ultimate F4 HC v.4)

Walked round, met people, took pictures, although the guy in the really ace Spidey suit's photographers wouldn't let us have a piccy without paying a fiver so we thought forget that. There was a big Dalek which moved about who we couldn't work out whether there was a person inside or not, and a big transformer for 5.5 grand, 6 of which had sold :O

Met Lee Bradley and he did me a Spidey sketch for a tenner and Jan a Batman. He was sound.

Left sketchbook with Stepehn Mooney to draw a Doctor Who for the girlfriend as she likes him. To look good looking, but not as good looking as me Wink

Got Dad in the Alan Davis queue while I queued up for Staz Johnson. This queue was moved to the lobby and was cut off right behind me. Got a Rhino sketch done for a tenner which was excellent. He's a swell guy too - dead cool to chat to, and funny. He wrote on Joe's slow my ass because we told hima about how people said wrongly that he was slow. Joe got a Doctor Doom from him and Jan a Deadpool. They were a tenner each.

Dad came up and watched the end of Staz's drawing with a Nightcrawler from Alan Davis, which he had not had to pay for because it had been for me (15 year old son).

Went and picked up Doctor Who sketch, and got the speechbubble: "Next time I regenerate I want to look like Simon James" Smile.

Note to self: Don't bring 2 big bags of comics next time, because I on;y got one signed (CMFC #91 by John McCrea) and one sketch (Ultimate FF HC v.4 by Pasqual Ferry).

Great hot chocolates before we left Wink

So, 6 sketches, and saw the 3 main guys I wanted to see: Pasqual, Will and Staz Smile

I had a great day as usual. Thanks to everyone who helped organize it.

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Post  Turtle_Power on Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:42 pm

The winner and a few pics(I have much higher rez if anyone wants, PM me)

Winner: Green Arrow:


Tank Boy:

Friend of Tank Boy:

Joker(sorry arkham Quinn, didn't get a good pic):


Pink Power Ranger:

Spiderman showing off his web and Green Arrow causing a quiver:

Web slinger:

Who wants some Fett?


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Re: BICS 09 - Your stories/Pictures

Post  Batgirl on Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:14 pm

Hey guys! I have no photos Sad but a lot of great memories Smile

- Loved the talk on Cinebooks...really interesting stuff Smile

- Wish I'd have won something in the Flip-out... (LOVE Staz btw Very Happy and Mark's "Snow White" did make me "aaaw")

- 70 Years of Marvel really brought back memories...especially from the X-Men!

- Multiversity Challenge...anyone know the name of "the watcher"? He is a legend! Very Happy

- Cosplay... Great fun! Haven't laughed so hard in ages...Spidey, Lil' Anakin and the Green Arrow!

Best parts include having a photo with Batman and the Joker...meeting some awesome people and accidentally making a certain Zombie-lad walk into people...on several occasions... Embarassed

It was my first (but not my last) time at the comics show... Bring on BICS 2010 bounce geek

Batgirl xxx queen

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Post  Turtle_Power on Fri Oct 09, 2009 5:21 pm

Also loved the Cinebooks talk, though was too short. Paul Gravet squeezed in as much as humanly possible, but i'd be happy if it was longer. Looking forward to the re-launch of Escape:

And a quick mention for Asia Alfasi in the trade hall who drew my "manga" face, she was such a wonderful bubbly person to meet just before leaving in Sunday.


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Re: BICS 09 - Your stories/Pictures

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:18 pm

It warms my heart to here and see folks having such a great time!

See you all at BICS 2010


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Re: BICS 09 - Your stories/Pictures

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